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Mission Brown Bag White Corn Tortilla Strips 13oz

Mission Brown Bag White Corn Tortilla Strips 13oz
Open up a bag of Mission® Tortilla Strips and start dipping! You can dip, dab, and dunk these strips into any salsa, queso, or guacamole you like. Enjoy the Authentic Mexican Tortilla Chip Mission® Strips.

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Corn Masa Flour, Water, Vegetable Oil (Cottonseed, Corn and/or Sunflower), Sea Salt.


Each summer is packed full of graduation parties. I think I'll be bringing my Mission chips along to those! They go great with a huge variety of dips, and everyone loves them. They're the perfect grad party essential!

Any get together really. Snacks, in general, are an essential part of any get together. With the shape of the Mission Tortilla Strips, it allows people who like to scoop, to scoop, and those that like to dip, to dip. I would most likely serve them at a football party, that's when we have people over most.

First off, Mission Tortilla Strips are a good size for dipping in salsa. I like that they have a salty taste but aren't overly salty, and that sea salt is used. They are gluten-free but are still extremely tasty.